“I don’t agree with you”: Karla Constant distances herself from Neme and Sole Onetto’s opinion on Las Indetectables

The panelists of the Mucho Gusto morning gave their opinion regarding the controversial performance of Las Undetectables in Plaza Victoria of Valparaíso.

The presentation of the group not only caused transversal rejection in social networks, but also from the authorities of Government that came out to condemn the sexual act with a Chilean flag.

“This does not have to be presented in a public act, where there are also families,” said Sole Onetto.

“Also, if he shows up, I’ll take care of it. If I have decided to put that act there, I have to take charge”, added José Antonio Neme.

In addition, the journalist indicated that “they are not the problem, even the organization is not the problem. What bothers me the most, what irritates me the most, is cowardice (…) I don’t trust that group of people. The organization, not them.”

After agreeing with her partner, Sole Onetto clarified that The Undetectables are “a very vulnerable group in society, they are people who were left in their first stage without their respective treatments to take on an expensive disease. It is a very marginalized group that has a speech and it is fair that they broadcast it”.

It was at this point that Karla Constant intervened in the debate.

“I understand the pain that there may be and the marginalization, but I do not agree with you on that. If you are used to making artistic manifestations, of course, the phrase ‘why do they invite me if they know how I get on’ here, for my taste, does not fit, ”she clarified.

Likewise, he stated that “when one is invited to something, one has to know what is going to be staged. One has to know and understand the context, know and understand that there are families and children.”

“Are we going to set limits?”

“I can share, empathize and understand… because that artistic expression is perhaps harder, heavier, I can do that reading, but I think it was not even the stage to do it,” he stressed.

Finally, Karla maintained that “there are shared responsibilities, of course. From the municipality down they are all responsible, but to that group of people I would have said: Did they really think that with that demonstration someone would join? Are we going to set limits or is anything a performance?

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