“I did not record them, I did not rebuke them”: TVN journalist denounced having been attacked by Colo Colo fans in the Monumental

A serious complaint was made by the TVN journalist, Rodrigo Arellano, who denounced through social networks that he was attacked this weekend by Colo Colo fans.

The new outrageous act of violence in the stadiums occurred in the framework of the celebrations of the barristas the “Cacique” after The white team will triumph against Coquimbo Unido and will be crowned the champions of the national tournament.

The journalist revealed the situation through his social networks, where he shared a photo showing the injuries he ended up with.

Arellano traveled to the Monumental Stadium to cover the reception of the white team when the attack occurred, as detailed.

“At the time of the attack I did not record them, I did not rebuke them, I did not look at them. I was just there planning how to enter the Monumental to receive the champions, “said the communicator in his Instagram stories.

“My saddest day in 30 years of football, but we have to continue,” he added.

Along the same lines, he added: “Thank you for your concern and support. Diagnosis: severe facial injuries and ruled out fracture”.

Also, this Sunday, the journalist shared a message on his Twitter account that gave an account of the violence he suffered.

“It’s over. I accompanied the Alba party as far as some violent ones left me. Congratulations to the families, children and fans who were there. I will never leave my partner alone in the field. Sad, but convinced that we can be better. I will continue talking about Chilean soccer”, he pointed out.