“I continue to pay a million-dollar loan that he requested…”: Daniela Castro gave details of the problems she has faced after her ex’s scam

Dani Castro gave some details about the problems she has faced after being scammed by her ex-partner.

Some time ago, The influencer lashed out at her ex, pointing out that he was a mythomaniac and a scammer.

Through social networks, the winner of master chef he was doing a raffle and giving away 6 coffee makers to his followers. Thus, through his stories, he answered a question about the contest and explained why he chose one of the winners, a man named Marco.

“In addition to the reasons he wrote to win it and the postcard of gray buildings that Santiago gives him, this award has another reason: my ex also owes Marco money,” revealed Dani.

Along the same lines, he added that “he also exposed it with 4 people suppliers, to whom my ex did not show his face.”

“Marco is a chef, dry and serious. He believed in a person, he lied to us and for me, winning the coffee maker is a small gesture, ”he continued.

“Besides what you owe me…”

After this, Dani revealed some of the problems he has faced after the scam, assuring that “I have tried to pay what I can, but as you know he also scammed me and in addition to what he owes me, I continue to pay a million-dollar loan that he asked my company (I thought he would pay monthly)”.

“He doesn’t pay any fees and if I don’t pay, they can even close my account. Therefore, this gesture with a lot (heart emoji) ”, she added.

Finally, Dani concluded with a blunt message: “This coffee maker goes with all the love and care of me for someone who also had a bad time because of a scammer mythomaniac.”

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