“I can’t imagine you’re not…”: Magdalena Max-Neef dedicated an emotional message to Gabriel Prieto after his complex state of health

The actress Magdalena Max-Neef moved on the web after dedicating special words to Gabriel Prieto, who is facing a complicated moment of health.

The actor of Until I Find You He is hospitalized after suffering a multisystem failure after contracting Covid and suffering from diabetescomplicating his state of health.

The actress and friend of the outstanding actor, Magdalena Max-Neef shared her sadness and concern for Prieto’s condition, dedicating emotional words to him on her Instagram account.

“The story of this friendship has to continue for many more years… Gabriel, friend of my heart, I want us to be sitting soon looking at the messages of the WhatsApp group that we created so that the people who love you, which is a LOT, were informed of your status,” he detailed.

“Please come back”

“I want you to tell me if you heard what I said to you when you were sleeping, so that your lungs could recover. I want you to go back to lunch like so many Sundays at my house and to share the stage,” said the actress.

“I want you to be there to remind me on what date we premiered each of our works and who won the Oscar for best supporting actor in 1965 or who was Miss Universe in 1958. I can’t imagine you’re not here. Please come back. I love you to the sun #Gabriel #amigodelalma #come back soon ”, she added receiving messages of support.

Check out the message below: