“I can go years without having sex”: Drew Barrymore’s uncensored confession

Drew Barrymore does not mince words when talking about his life, and he demonstrated it once again in an episode of his program “The Drew Barrymore Show”.

And it is that together with his co-animator Ross Mathews, they analyzed the methodology that Andrew Garfield -the star of Spider Man: No Way Home- implemented to prepare the character of his film “Silence” by Martin Scorsese, who deprived himself of eating and having relationships sex for six months.

Andrew Garfield in Silence

“I abstain from having sex, I mean I did it when I was 20, right?” Mathews joked.

In response, the actress commented, “What about me, six months doesn’t seem like a long time? I was like, ‘Yeah, so?’”

“We buried him,” Ross joked. “That’s the headline. Drew can last six months, it’s not a big deal.” To which the movie star gave an answer that surprised everyone: “Years.”

Barrymore confessed that she understands why actors need to “completely transform and commit” to a character during film shoots.

And he admitted that he has also had to resort to method acting for his works: “I have done it in some projects. When I shot Gray Gardens, the movie in which she played a real character, Edie Beale, she was so nervous that she didn’t chat with people on set, I just stayed in character.”

Drew Barrymore in Gray Gardens
Drew Barrymore in Gray Gardens