“I asked you for forgiveness…”: Javiera Acevedo revealed the particular experience she had with some thieves who stole her wallet

Javiera Acevedo was one of the guests at the chapter of We can talk which aired this friday. The actress generated a wave of comments from the networks when she arrived at the program with her dogs and spoke about different moments of his personal life.

However, there was one anecdote in particular that drew attention. The actress told that she stole a purse from her car but that her encounter with the thieves ended unexpectedly.

“I was at a time when I was obsessed with these protein cans that they sell in pharmacies. Like you take a shot instead of lunch (…) to be super fit. And I was getting off at this pharmacy, there was none. It was a type of pharmacy that had this can. I was going down to the pharmacy and there was no. I was looking fast, I was going against time, ”said Javiera.

Along the same lines, he added that “suddenly I get off one, quickly. I’ll see. I would go and see if it was in the refrigerator.”

left the car unlocked

“I run back to my car and I see that the car that had been parked next to me, which was a meche of these little ones, black, was leaving and that I had left the car open,” Javiera confessed.

He also reported that “I opened the door, my wallet that was in the pilot, was gone.”

“It was like that… This is the biggest stupidity, I shouldn’t tell about this stupidity but that’s how it was. It was like ‘what was going to happen this second that I get off?’”, Javiera explained about her reasoning.

The actress then recounted that, when she realized that that car was taking her wallet, she ran out asking them to please not take her wallet.

“The car stops, because this was in the parking lot of a strip center, (…) but it stops. And I like this ‘please, I beg you not my wallet’. It stops and the four windows begin to go down at the same time, ”she recounted.

After this, one of them spoke to the actress. “Miss Javiera, we are going to return your wallet but be very careful that you left the car unlocked,” one of the criminals would have told her.

“’Sorry, sorry, never again’, I swear that was my reaction. ‘Sorry, you’re absolutely right, it’s true, what was she thinking,’ ”Javiera replied.

The criminal then told him that he had to be careful because they could have stolen his car and not just his wallet. But finally they returned their things to Javiera.

After all the commotion, the actress reported that she checked her bag and had everything intact. “Then I left and I was like, ‘You’re my hero,’ I love them,” Acevedo joked.

“I felt sorry for them, what a cool vibe (…) I asked them for forgiveness. And I was like quiet. ‘I hope no police officer passes by, I can’t accuse them,’ ”Javiera closed on her funny anecdote.