“I ask God to give me a few more years”: The crude story of Lizardo Garrido and his fight against leukemia

The historic former Cacique footballer recounted the tough battle he has against blood cancer that affected him in 2022.

Although the year 2022 was a period of glory for Colo-Colo, one of the great references of the team did not have a good time at all. We talk about Lizardo Garridoone of the idols that the Cacique has, who it was diagnosed with Leukemia and spent several months hospitalized fighting the disease.

The former defender of Popular was hospitalized for 70 dayswhere even the worst was thought for the champion of the Copa Libertadores in the year 1991. In conversation The MercuryChano reviewed what he has experienced during these months of constant struggle with cancer that gives him a complex.

In fact, in the interview he says that the moment he found out about his diagnosis was while he was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

“Notice that the first day of hospitalization the tile fell on me. While they were taking me to the ICU, I heard in passing: ‘Wow, what a pain, he has blood cancer.’ And then everything came crashing down: ‘I mean, I’m going to die,’ I thought. He was alone there, I cried a lot, I hadn’t told anyone in the family“said the champion of America.

Lizardo Garrido, idol of Colo-Colo and champion of the Copa Libertadores in 1991

“I am strong battles”

In the first instance, the former soccer player referred to the bone marrow transplant donated by his daughter María that allowed him to leave hospitalization. “She gave me life, she gave me platelets and those Marita cells were so powerful that they were defeating cancer cells“.

In addition, the white idol pointed out that he feels like a fighter, after being almost in a coma. “I feel like a survivor, absolutely. I was very serious for a week, almost in a coma. I thought I was dying. Now I’m better, relatively, because I’m at 20 or 30% of how I was before, but it’s a process and I ask God to give me a few more years.”

If I go… and I have never said this, if I go I can say that I will go quietly. I’m sorry, but I’ll go easy because I gave everything and I’m giving everything“Added the World Cup player with Chile in Spain 1982.

To close, worthy of his character as a player and person, he pointed out that he will continue to fight, because he is a man of strong battles.

“All my life I have fought. My whole life has been one of much effort and sacrifice. Nothing has been easy. Everything cost me. I am one of powerful battles, of strong battles, sometimes one does not realize it, but I am seasoned and I will continue to fight. And everyone around me, family and colocolina people, have me on my feet.“, finished.