“I am being discriminated against a lot”: Marcianeke confesses that he feels judged for what he does

Despite being one of the main references of urban music in Chile, marcianeke acknowledges receipt of the criticisms and judgments that many throw at his person and his music.

“I am going through a moment in which I am being discriminated against a lot, for being myself,” the artist confessed to María Luisa Godoy on the program urbanfrom TVNwhen he showed his house, in a sector far from Curacaví.

Matías Ignacio Muñoz Muñoz commented that, mainly, they have “judged it by the content of the lyrics.”

“If it were up to me, they would all be successful, but I don’t know why it clashed with me so much,” he said.

A situation that his mother, Yasna Muñoz, also resents, who lamented “that people criticized him for how he sang, that he smoked, that he was a drug addict, how skinny he is…”. He said that even she has been sent inappropriate messages, such as “feed him.”

“I sing what I live”

Despite feeling the criticism, Marcianeke defends her work. “That’s not why I have to feel stupid, but rather think positive and be here (in her house) and I’m not bad here.”

Asked if it hurts to be criticized for the lyrics, he replied: “The truth is that no, it can’t hurt me, because I sing what I live, I can’t sing songs that are not.”