“I am a pro-life woman, but…”: Karla Constant’s criticism of deputy Urruticoechea’s statements on abortion

“A woman who has been raped and aborts does not ‘deviate’ physically or morally.” It was the phrase that unleashed the criticism made by the deputy of the Republican Party, Cristóbal Urruticoechea.

“Rape is a criminal act that requires all convictions, but having an abortion does not solve the damage of having been raped,” declared the congressman, in the framework of his group seeking to repeal the current Law of Three Causes, which includes the rape cases.

Those statements led him to a tense discussion with the drivers of Contigo en la Mañana (CHV), Julio César Rodríguez and Monserrat Álvarez.

Later, the deputy was in Your day (Channel 13), where he had a hard encounter with Mirna Schindler: “I am not going to continue defending the murder of a child,” he launched at the journalist. “And it is not necessary to revile.”

constant reacts

But in the Nice to meet you (Mega) were also unaware of Urruticoechea’s statements, therefore, Karla Constant took a moment to issue her disclaimers:

“I am a pro-life woman, I have children, I believe in life and family, but my belief cannot be above others,” she declared. I agree with all three reasons, and I think we should move towards a total free abortion law.

In his eyes, the legislation “has to protect everyone, and then you make a decision regarding your convictions as a person, if you have an abortion or take charge of a pregnancy.” Thus, it seems to her that there should be a free abortion in which the conditions exist to take that path.

Then, while they were talking with the Minister of Women, Antonia Orellana, the driver proceeded to report that a woman had written to her, who told her that her daughter had been raped and became pregnant; now, that offspring asks questions about his “father”.

“This family then day by day remembers this super traumatic episode and it has been very difficult for them,” Constant said. “So this woman says ‘put yourself in our shoes.'”

Therefore, he concluded, “there is a lack of humanity, of empathy”, therefore, “I conclude that many people think that we are a bottle, a plant”.