“I always imposed myself…”: Alfredo Castro revealed the low amount he receives monthly for his retirement

The national actor Alfredo Castro visited the program National chain of Via X together with his colleague Antonia Zegers, where they talked about their recent projects.

In the middle of the conversation, the fact that the 66-year-old interpreter retired came up. It was then that Castro surprised by revealing the low that he receives monthly, taking advantage of making a harsh criticism of the AFP system.

“I reached my age and went to my AFP, I said that I wanted to retire, and that I am receiving $156,000 pesos a month,” said Castro, who has an extensive and successful acting career.

“30 years, I always prevailed, I worked at the Catholic, at Chile, at Andrés Bello, at Portales, I worked at many universities, I did a lot of theater,” he explained.

Along the same lines, he assured that, to avoid gaps, “I also imposed myself for the minimum when I could not.”

“Like little…”

After this, he said that when the time came for retirement, he approached his AFP to speak with an executive and do the paperwork.

“I told him ‘I would like to get the money’, I had about 35 million. She told me ‘no, you can’t’. ‘Why it’s not possible? That money is mine’ (he replied), ‘No, it’s not yours (…) you handed it over to an AFP that is managing it for you’ (the executive told him)”, Castro related.

Then, the actor criticized that “I receive $156,000 pesos and also paid the AFP to manage my retirement… as if that were not enough.”