“I abide by and obey”: Pollo Valdivia raised his voice and responded to those who blame him for the abrupt end of Me Late

The unexpected and abrupt end of I beat It left both viewers and panelists led by Daniel Fuenzalida shocked by the drastic decision of TV +.

After the announcement, the channel announced that as of this Monday, October 17, I Late Prime was to be replaced by the program Chilean Television, 65 years oldwhich is led by Juan Carlos “Pollo” Valdivia.

It is a tribute to outstanding programs that appeared on the Chilean screen and will feature the participation of Jorge Hevia, Don Francisco, Roberto Nicolini, among others.

“This is an unavoidable programmatic project for our channel, since we are the continuators of UCVTV, which carried out that first broadcast,” explained Gonzalo Cordero, director of programming.

“It’s not my decision”

The premiere of the program was marked by criticism from viewers who were not happy with the decision, and some even blamed Valdivia for being responsible for the end of Me Late.

So Claudia Conversa’s husband referred to TV+’s decision during a conversation with The Mercury.

“I had proposed some time ago to make a program of this type and the channel, which is also the first in the country, has good quality archive material, so all the conditions were met to do it,” he explained.

In that same line. He assured that “it is not my decision if a program goes in the space that another had”.

“I only comply and obey when something is requested of me in professional terms,” ​​he said.