Humberto Suazo found a team for the 2023 season and would be presented this Friday

El Chupete left behind his time at Deportes La Serena, a team with which he was relegated to Primera B last season, and will once again wear a shirt that already knew of his goals.

after the unfortunate Deportes La Serena was relegated to Primera B On the last date of the 2022 season, 19 players were released from the maroon club to face the following year. Among these footballers were former Colo-Colo Christopher Jorquera, Matias Fernandez and Humberto Suazoamong others.

Much has been said about these last two athletes, especially because of their performance and age. Some rumors indicate that they analyzed the option of retirementHowever, it was the ‘Man from the planet goal’ who was the first to deny these speculations.

This is how he reported it ESPNchain in which during this day he commented that ‘Pacifier’ has everything agreed to be a new player for San Luis de Quillota. It is even indicated that a 41-year-old footballer could be made official in the Canarian cast this Friday, November 25.

In this way, Humberto Suazo he would return to the club from the interior of the Valparaíso Region, a team with which he had a great season in 2003. That year, the former national team converted 39 goalswhich crowned him as the top scorer in the third division, something that added to the promotion of his team to Primera B and his La Roja nomination Directed by Juvenal Olmos.