Huawei will launch a watch that stores bluetooth headphones inside

Bluetooth headsets and smartwatches are extremely popular gadgets these days, essential even for some people in their daily routine.

Considering its growing popularity, Huawei announced that it will soon offer them in combination, through a smartwatch that stores a pair of wireless headphones inside.

Huawei Watch Buds, a smartwatch with an interior compartment for bluetooth headphones

This new device is a smartwatch that runs on Huawei’s operating system, Harmony OS, but with built-in wireless headphones. The smartwatch can be opened at the top, to reveal a compartment where the headphones are stored.

Android Authority reported this news, which was confirmed by Huawei through the Chinese social network Weibo. Additionally, we can have more context about this device through a video available on the QSQ Technology YouTube channel, where a sample of this new device is examined in detail.

As can be seen in the attached demo, the smartwatch in question appears to be quite heavy. It has a button to open its upper part and reveal the internal headphones. As far as can be distinguished, the design and software are practically identical to those of the Huawei Watch 3.

The earphones contained in the watch look very small. Eventually, this could be an indicator of short battery life. However, it can also be seen that the compartment dedicated to its storage has charging contacts, which would allow its battery to be powered on the go.

Huawei had a launch event scheduled for today in its local market. However, this was postponed without a new date announced.

It remains to be seen in which other markets, apart from China, the Huawei Watch Buds will be available. It should be remembered that together with other Chinese companies, Huawei is subject to strict trade restrictions in the United Stateswhich prevent them from marketing their products in that country.

At least until another manufacturer follows in Huawei’s footsteps with this model, the novelty of its design could generate an interesting impact, taking into account the practical utility it can bring to people who play sports or simply wear clothes without pockets.