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If you have several screens and you want to organize them on your computer, to configure everything that is multiscreen in Windows 11, you have come to the right place, since we are going to tell you how you can do it.

To have a computer with two monitors can be an excellent solution for many users, both privately and to work.

In particular, it can be used to use it with games where we could have in each monitor a part of it and thus be able to manage it in a better way.

It could also be the case that thanks to the two monitors it is possible to enlarge the game and so achieve a greater immersive feeling inside him.

The fact of having two monitors can also help us at workbeing really interesting to be able to work with each one of them in different programs that we need, to carry out our task.

We can also make the Windows desktop occupies the two monitors, which would allow us to regulate it with much more space and more capacity to store what we need.

The most convenient thing would always be to try to make both monitors the samethat is, of the same brand and of the same size, although we assume that this is usually complicated.

If the two monitors cannot be the same, it would be best if at least the size was the same, in addition to sharing also resolutionsince if there is a lot of difference between one and the other it can be annoying for some users.

Once all this is resolved, it is best to know how can we change the layout of the monitors in Windows 11something that can be useful, as we have already told you, both at a private level and if we want to use it to work.

Organize screens in Windows 11 Settings

We can use the Windows 11 operating system to get organized two or more screens that we have the same computer.

How are you going to be able to read, it is not complicated to do, but certain steps must be followed to achieve it.

As we tell you, Windows 11 allows us to organize both screens in the following way:

  • The first thing we are going to do is press the keys Windows + I, to get it to appear on the screen Setting of the operating system.
  • The next step will be to click on Systemoption that appears on the left side.
  • Then we must click on Screenthis time on the right side.
  • Now we will be able drag and drop the screens we want to the place we want to then click on Apply. If by chance we are not sure which screen belongs to which number, we can always press the button To identify so that the corresponding number appears on each screen and thus we are sure of what it is.
  • At this point we should test the new layout by moving the mouse pointer around the different screens to make sure everything works as expected.
  • Once we have finished and verified that everything is going according to plan, we can close the Windows configuration, to start enjoying our screens.

Arrange displays using NVIDIA

Obviously, this option will only work on those computers where your graphics card is NVIDIA branded and that, of course, you have the relevant drivers installed.

In order to use NVIDIA graphics cards to manage the screens on the computer, we must access the Control Panel of this hardware.

The NVIDIA Control Panel It is a configuration software in which we can establish many of the parameters of our graphics card and we can even change, in some cases, the implementation of the functions of this hardware.

It is not exactly intuitive or visual software, but it is very effective. We are going to use it so that we can manage two screens on a computer in the following way:

  • The first thing we have to do is open the Nvidia Control Panel.
  • For that we have two ways. One of them is going to the Taskbar and right-clicking on the nvidia iconthen select NVIDIA Control Panel. The other way is by going to Windows desktoppressing the right buttonClick on show more options and then we will see how it appears NVIDIA Control Panelplace that we must press.
  • Once we are inside the Control Panel we must click on Set up multiple screens in Screen settings on the left side of this panel.
  • Now we drag and drop the screens that we want to move in the place that we want for when we finish click on Apply. If you’re not sure which screen belongs to a number, you can tap To identify so that the number of each screen appears briefly on each screen.
  • So we click on Yes to confirm. If we do not click Yes, the changes will be automatically reverted in 20 seconds.
  • At this point we test that everything actually works the way we want by moving the mouse around the various screens we want to configure.
  • When we are sure that everything really works as expected, we can close the NVIDIA control panel.

Arrange displays using Intel Graphics Command Center

For all those who use an Intel graphics and have the drivers up to date, they will be able to manage the screens from this hardware software.

We are going to have to use the Intel Graphics Control Panel to manage multiple screens on the computer.

The steps we must follow are the following:

  • We press in the magnifying glass right next to the Windows 11 start menu button and type Intel.
  • We click on the search result of the Intel Graphics Control Panel to start the application.
  • Now let’s go screens.
  • We drag and drop the screens that we want to move to where we want them.
  • Once we’re done it’s time to play on Apply. If we are not sure which screen belongs to a number, we can click on To identify so that the number of each screen appears briefly on each screen.
  • We check that everything works correctly and when it is, we can close the Intel Graphics Control Panel.

How could you see, organize the configuration of the screens that we want to put on our computer is extremely simplehaving several options at our disposal.

One of them from Windows 11 and the other two from software that does not exist in the two main graphics that everyone uses, such as those from Intel and NVIDIA.

It only remains that you begin to enjoy and to get the most out of your computer screens.

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