how to obtain a 200% refund for canceled trains?

Aurélien Fleurot, edited by Laura Laplaud

Traffic will be even more disrupted than expected on Saturday and Sunday in stations. Travelers whose trains have been canceled for the Christmas weekend due to a strike by controllers will be reimbursed double the amount of their ticket. Europe 1 details the terms and conditions for obtaining this refund.

At the SNCF, the traffic will deteriorate for the days of Saturday and Sunday, a sign that the movement of the controllers remains followed. Contrary to the first announcements, there will not be two out of three trains in circulation this Christmas weekend but three out of five trains on average. Regarding the North and Atlantic axes, one out of two trains will be in circulation. SNCF has announced that it is setting up exceptional compensation of 200% of tickets for passengers whose trains have been canceled and the company has specified the terms and conditions.

An online refund

To be reimbursed, it will be necessary to complete an online form which will be accessible on the site. and not on SNCF Connect. There is therefore no need to go to the station or shop to obtain this compensation.

In order to benefit from it, your train, which was to run between December 23 and 26, must have been cancelled. Two scenarios: you can no longer travel by train, your ticket is 100% refunded and in addition you will have 200% of its price in vouchers. Or, you were able to exchange your ticket and find a place on another train, there too you can request this compensation of 200% in vouchers.

The SNCF has not yet indicated a date for putting this form online. The teams are working on it but no guarantee that it will be ready before Christmas.