How to make fuel in Dwarf Fortress

Throughout your base building adventure in Dwarf Fortress, you will eventually need to use Workshops that require Fuel to function. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t exactly make it clear to players how to craft the resources needed to make these structures work. To make the process easier, we’ve written out all the ways you can craft Fuel in-game below so you don’t have to.

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How to get fuel in Dwarf Fortress

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The easiest way to get fuel in the game is to build a wood kiln that you can use to make charcoal. However, you will need some kind of rock resource like limestone to build it. Once it’s set up, simply click on the structure and add a new task to instruct one of your units to make coal.

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Another type of Fuel that you will be able to make in the game is Coca-Cola. However, to make this type of fuel, you will first need to collect bituminous coal or lignite. Unfortunately, these resources can only be found within the sedimentary layer, so you’ll have to dig deeper before you can mine them.

You will also need to build a foundry to make coke from bituminous coal or lignite. Like the wood kiln, these structures also require any type of rock material to be built. In addition, the Foundry is where you will also be able to craft various types of ores and bars that you can later turn into weapons and armor, so having it in your base is a must.

Once you’ve made coal or coke, you can use any of these fuel sources to power various furnaces in the game, such as the Furnace and Glass Furnace.