How To Beat 7 Star Greninja

The Tera Raids seven stars have become most of the post-game of Pokemon Scarlet & Violetand it is that, like every weekend, players are offered a three-day window to challenge incredibly difficult raid bosses that require a level of skill that is rarely needed in the games of pokemon.

Charizard came first, but the daring builds of Azumarill and Sylveon made quick work of the iconic Gen 1 starter. Then came some much more challenging fights, but ones that players were able to find creative solutions to. With a Stored Power Slowbro or a Veluza surrounded by Acupressure Qwillfish they did the job well.

Now, the players face their biggest challenge yet: Poison Tera Type Greninja. With an incredibly diverse moveset that heavily counters Ground and Psychic-types, players will be tested like never before. But to get you through, here are the best builds to counter the 7-star Greninja Tera raids.

Unrivaled Greninja movement and writing gameplay

The matchless greninjaWhile it has a dual base Water and Dark typing, it is a Poison Tera-type, meaning it is vulnerable to Ground and Psychic moves. But Greninja’s moveset makes Ground- and Psychic-type Pok√©mon vulnerable, which means players need to get creative.

The 7-star version of Greninja has six moves (two flexible, four offensive) that it will use during the raid, but thankfully they leave enough room for some Pokemon to be viable. Here’s Greninja’s moveset:

Main moveset

  • dirt shot
  • hydro beam
  • make ice
  • night slash
  • flexible movements
  • double team
  • toxic spikes

Greninja will use double team Y Toxic Spikes at the start of the match, but will not use them again. Toxic Spikes poisons a Pokemon after it’s been removed and re-enters the battle and Double Team will raise its evasiveness.