how much will candlemas cost this year?

Noah Moussa

Flour, eggs, milk, butter, sugar… These basic pancake batter products are also affected by inflation this year. To find out how much the homemade preparation of this party will cost you, Europe 1 has released the calculator.

Notice to latecomers, don’t hang around doing your shopping, the shelves may be empty! On this Thursday, February 2, many French people celebrate Candlemas and prepare their pancake batter. But the price of basic products risks giving budding cooks a bad surprise… Indeed, with inflation, sugar, flour, butter, oil, eggs and milk, i.e. all the ingredients for to make a dough have increased according to our partner, the panelist IRI.

On average 20% increase

For 25 pancakes for example, you will need 500g of flour. In private label, it cost you 30 cents during your last Candlemas, this year the same quantity of flour will cost you 44 cents. And in national brand, the price even goes from 80 to 96 cents.

Same for the five national brand eggs required for the recipe. They cost you 1.60 euros last year, it’s 1.90 euros today, or 22% increase. The 100g wafer of butter does not escape inflation either. As a national brand, it passes the symbolic bar of 1 euro against 83 cents last year. Finally, sugar costs 18% more in private label.

In short, our pancake party, which cost us 3.20 euros last year, will cost us 3.85 euros this year. It is therefore on average 20% more expensive, not counting the garnishes and drinks. Here too, prices are soaring: the jar of jam, for example, increases by 13%.