How many minimum wages does the new iPhone 14 cost?

This week, Apple introduced its spectacular new line of iPhone 14and like every year it did in an event that captures the eyes and attention of fans from all over the world.

The new generation of Apple phones covers a range that goes from the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and reaches the iPhone 14 Pro Max, with variants according to the storage capacity in each of them.

Yes, they are very nice phones with impressive capabilities, although many of them are not unique or that new. However, the iPhone for the average population in Mexico is an aspirational phone and, in most cases, unattainable.

The minimum wage in the country is 5,255 pesos per month, and according to the 2021 National Occupation and Employment Survey, in Mexico 14 million people receive just the minimum wage. The survey reveals that in total, six out of 10 workers in the country receive monthly income of less than 8,502 pesos.

The most basic iPhone 14 is priced at 21,000 pesos, so a worker who earns the minimum wage must dedicate four months of his full salary to be able to buy the simplest phone from the apple company. Hypothetically, it would mean that said worker must stop eating, dressing, wearing shoes, paying rent, etc., for 120 days.

The situation is aggravated if that same worker wants to buy the best iPhone 14 Pro Max, which is the most expensive in the range of Apple phones, since it has a price of 42 thousand pesos. In this case, whoever earns the minimum wage in Mexico must dedicate his entire salary for eight months. Yes, twice as much as the previous one, 240 days of work just to buy the apple phone.

Although today having a smartphone It has become something everyday and essential, there are brands like Apple that have also become practically unattainable for the majority of the population in Mexico.

The worst thing is that we must not lose sight of the fact that Apple’s marketing is so good, that many people who earn the minimum wage decide to buy an iPhone in “small payments” and that in the end they end up with a debt for several years, since they have to pay up to three times the value of the device.

The good thing is that today many brands of smartphones they have opted for a strategy of offering phones with great features at more affordable prices.

Even so, we must look outside the bubble, because the realities of the main cities of Mexico are diametrically different from those of rural areas, where people do not even have the opportunity to acquire a telephone of those that we call “affordable”, and if not, ask those 40 million people in the country today do not have internet access.

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