“How great he is!”: Pancho Saavedra publishes a photo with his daughter while working and the networks explode with tenderness

In the midst of his different television projects, Francisco Saavedra does not forget to give his little daughter time and he wanted to express it to his followers on social networks with a beautiful photograph.

The driver finished the recordings of the Channel 13 program a few days ago, Partners around the world, along with Jorge Zabaleta, and currently tours different cities in Chile with his colleagues presenting Socios en Vivo. All this while on the screen he breaks it with Grill Partners Y Talking Places.

It was in March of last year when Panchito moved everyone by announcing that he became a father with his partner, Jorge Uribe. Little Laura came to make them “the happiest men in the world,” according to he himself wrote back then.

“Everything is different”

From that moment on, the communicator does everything possible to make his work compatible with his daughter’s company. Proof of this was the intimate photograph with Laura in her arms, while she is at her job.

“When you work with your daughter, everything is different. I love you to infinity, my love, “wrote Pancho Saavedra in the publication.

The image accumulated about 1,800 comments on Facebook and another 600 on Instagram.