“How fond the public has taken us”: Vivi Kreutzberger reacted to the abrupt end of her program on TV+

TV+ surprised its viewers again this Monday afternoon after reporting that the program more alive than ever It would come to an end this Friday, after a year and seven months on the air.

After this, the panelists Daniela Nicolás and Daniel Valenzuela reacted yesterday through their social networks. The former Miss Chile assured that they were “hurt” by the drastic decisionwhile Daniel launched himself with everything against the channel executives.

However, the host Vivi Kreutzberger reacted on screen during Tuesday’s chapter to the sad news of the end of her program, according to Page 7.

“We are going to make an entertaining program, what do we want?, that you have a good time, for that we play it hard,” the cheerleader started saying.

For her part, Daniela made a joke about the complex situation. “I’m going to be here until Friday, I’m going to give it my all as if the program was over,” she assured.

After the cheerleader indicated that in this Tuesday’s chapter they would talk about April Fool’s Day, Valenzuela made a particular comment.

“Just kidding? And I talking hue…. I didn’t know it was a joke. I thought it was over, ”she assured with irony after his acid criticism of the high command of the channel.

“In simple words…”

Vivi then took the floor and referred to the support they have received from their viewers through social networks after revealing the end of the program.

“I want to say that there are many comments, 99% we cannot read them, but I thank you (…) the people are very affectionate, how affectionate the public has taken us, in simple words, impressive,” said the host.

Along the same lines, he commented to his followers that they have read “one by one” the messages that arrive both on Instagram and WhatsApp. “They wish us the best and that they love us always,” she added.

Finally, after Daniela read a message in which they referred to the “good vibes” on the panel, the cheerleader assured that “that is what we want to be.”