how each household can reduce its consumption by 15%

Barthélémy Philippe, edited by Gauthier Delomez

On Wednesday morning, the electricity network operator RTE announced that the risk of power cuts this winter could be avoided by lowering energy consumption by 15% in the most extreme weather situations. Europe 1 explains how each household can easily achieve this goal.

This is an objective for every household: to reduce energy consumption by 15% in the most extreme weather situations. The electricity network operator RTE announced on Wednesday that the risk of cuts this winter could be avoided if every household managed to do so. And to get there, the method is simple: you have to adopt a more sober lifestyle and make significant efforts. The most effective lever is to lower your heating, which represents on average two thirds of the consumption of French households.

“To reach the 15% consumption target at the household level, it’s far from easy”, agrees Sylvain Le Falher, co-founder of the start-up Hello Watt, which helps individuals reduce their energy bills.

Reduce the heating temperature by two degrees

“On a typical winter day, this means reducing the temperature of the heating in your home by two degrees or being satisfied with one degree. But at the same time, by postponing your various programs, washing machines and other devices”, deciphers the founder of Hello Watt at the microphone of Europe 1. And it’s not just heating. You can also spend a few minutes less in the shower or lower the temperature of the water heater.

When you go to bed, turn off your internet box rather than leaving it on standby. In the kitchen, cover your pans, regularly defrost your freezer, and favor the eco programs of the washing machines. To motivate you, don’t forget that these eco-gestures will also reduce the bill. This is important, especially since Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne has just announced a 15% increase in energy prices as of February 1, 2023.

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