House of the Dragon 1×10 Awful Ending Explained: Kids Riding Dragons

MADRID, 24 Oct. (CultureLeisure) –

Then the storm broke and the dragons danced“. With this phrase George RR Martin kicks off his novel fire and blood to the civil war between the Targaryens, the infamous Dance of the Dragons. Something that, as expected, has taken place in the tenth and last chapter of the first season of The House of the Dragon, which has culminated in a great death that marks a point of no return for both Greens and Blacks.


The final episode of the HBO series, entitled the black queenstarts with Rhaenys arriving at Dragonstone to inform Princess Rhaenyra of the death of her king father Viserys and the betrayal of the Greens who, led by the Hightowers, have already crowned their younger half-brother Aegon as new king.

Even though everyone, especially her uncle and husband Daemon, encourages her to respond belligerently in the face of the betrayal of ignoring the succession marked by Viserys, who designated her as heir to the Iron Throne, the character Emma D’Arcy tries to find alternatives to the conflict. And, if there is no choice but to go to war, he wants to know exactly which side each house is on.

Precisely for this purpose he has sent their children, on the back of their dragonsas messengers to try to curry favor with nobles who have not yet declared for Aegon II (Tom Glynn-Carney). With Rhaenys (Eve Best) patrolling the Narrow Sea on her dragon MeleysRhaenyra sends her eldest son and heir Jacaerys (Harry Collett), first to the Eagles’ Nest to get the betrothal of Rhaenyra’s mother’s cousin, Lady Jane Arryn, and then north, to Winterfell to deliver his message to Lord Cregan Stark. His second child, 14-year-old Lucerys (Elliot Grihault), sets off for Storm’s End on the back of her still fairly small dragon Arrax.

There he must deliver his message and ask for the support of Lord Borros Baratheon… who already has a visitor. And it is that Aemond Targaryen, the second son of Queen Alicent and brother of Aegon II, is already there with Vhagar, the colossal dragon for which, once, he lost an eye by claiming it precisely at the hands of the then smallest even Lucerys Velaryon.


After making fun of the young man and calling him a bastard again in front of Lord Borros, Aemond demands that Luke give him an eye to pay off his old debt. “I want you to gouge out your eye as payment for mine. One is enough for me… I don’t want to blind you. I would like to give it to my mother“, Says the fearsome Targaryen, taking off his patch and throwing a dagger at the feet of the terrified teenager.

The young man refuses and states that his mother has sent him there as a “messenger, not as a warrior”. “Give me an eye or I’ll tear it out, you bastard!“Aemond says angrily to whom he only stops the order of Borros, who refuses to let his castle become ground zero of the conflictin the place where one Targaryen spilled another’s blood.

Presto, young Luke leaves the castle to quickly mount his dragon Arrax, who is disoriented and extremely nervous due to the tremendous storm and, above all, due to the fearsome roars of Vhagar, the greatest winged beast of Westeros. The young man, still an inexperienced ridersees how hard it is for his dragon to obey his orders.

As expected, shortly after starting his flight back to Dragonstone, Luke finds that his uncle follows him on the back of his monumental dragon. His only option is to escape, as he knows neither dragon nor rider are a match for his pursuers. After playing cat and cat and mouse with his nephew, Aemond is answered by Arrax, who fires a flame at Vhaghar. that makes the colossal green beast go haywire completely… and don’t obey your rider.

Something similar continues to happen with Luke, who despite his efforts cannot get his dragon to obey all his orders. The survival instinct in the battle of the beasts is stronger than the control that their still inexperienced riders have over them.. And that’s when what even the cruel and lethal Aemond doesn’t seem to want comes, but once the hunt began it was inevitable: Vhagar surprises his prey in an already clear sky and engulfs with its huge jaws dragon and rider. He does so before the astonished look of the one-eyed Targaryen prince, who desperately pulled on the reins in a utterly inane attempt to rein in his beast.


Everything indicates, therefore, that the sadistic Aemond did not want to kill his nephew, but only to scare and humiliate him… at least in the series. Since in the books it is not at all in this way. This is how George RR Martin recounts in Fire and Blood the death of Lucerys Velaryon and that of him, also a young dragon Arrax, at the hands of Aemond and Vhagar:

“A storm had broken out. Thunder shook the castle; rain poured down, and from time to time huge blue-white bolts of lightning lit up the world as if it were day. It was bad weather to fly, even for a dragon, and Arrax was struggling to stay aloft when Prince Aemond mounted Vhagar and set off in pursuit. Had the sky been calmer, Prince Lucerys might have fled from his pursuer, for Arrax was younger and faster, but ‘that day was as black as Prince Aemond’s heart’, says Mushroom, so the dragons converged on Shipwreck Bay. Those watching from the wall saw bursts of fire in the distance, and heard a scream above the thunder. Then the two beasts locked in the lightning-torn sky. Vhagar was five times older than her rival, as well as a battle-hardened veteran of a hundred battles; if there was a fight, it must not have been very long“.

A passage in which Martin makes it clear that it was not an accident. In fact, he goes on to list the various ways in which, according to legend and gossip, Prince Aemond ravaged the corpse of his nephew: “Arrax fell shattered and was engulfed in the storm-tossed waters of the bay.. His head and neck washed ashore under the cliffs of Storm’s End three days later, a feast for crabs and seagulls. Mushroom claims that Prince Lucerys’s body was also washed ashore by the sea, and that Prince Aemond gouged out his eyes and presented them to Lady Maris on a bed of seaweedalthough it seems too excessive to be true”.

In any case, accident or murder, the only thing certain is that with one of his sons swallowed by an enemy dragonneither the prophetic teachings of his father nor his noble intention to plunge Westeros into a devastating battle for the throne matter anymore: Rhaenyra will go to war. The dragons will dance… and destroy everything.