Holan puts on the table the reinforcements he wants for UC: “I’m not going to ask Messi or Ronaldo”

Catholic University A transition season is over. After a historic four-time championship, The Cruzados suffered during the 2022 season, in which they only aspire to occupy a place in the next Copa Sudamericana.

Coach Ariel Holan is clear that next season the objectives will once again be to fight for the title, and for that he will have to make changes. Strengthening the team in the next transfer market appears as one of the main challenges.

This week it was confirmed, for example, that José Pedro Fuenzalida will not continue in the team and the list will continue to grow. Holan, then, demands reinforcements. “The coaches are very demanding. I’m not going to ask Messi or Ronaldo, but I do think I’m going to ask for what is just and necessary for us to reinvent ourselves. Reinvent ourselves in success, I think there is a lot to analyze, to debate, ”he explained on TNT Sports.

For now, the list of requests is kept in reserve, but one name is already known: Eugenio Mena. The Racing winger is the priority for the technical management, which has been in contact with him for months. “He is a soccer player that any club in South America can be seduced by his arrival, not just UC. They are class A footballers, ”he stated in ADN.

But it is not the only position to strengthen. According to Mercury, the UC coach sees as a priority adding a mixed midfielder and a pointer. In addition, he will look at options in the market in case Ignacio Saaavedra leaves.