Historical figures from Colo Colo refute Paredes for the possible signing of Zaldivia in the U: “It doesn’t matter if he leaves; I would never have sued the club”

The name of Matías Zaldivia has taken a lot of commotion these days. After confirming that he will not continue in Colo Colo, after seven years defending Pedrero’s team, Universidad de Chile began negotiations to sign him next season.

According to the information published by Sporting, The negotiations are advanced and only details separate the Argentine defendernationalized Chilean, from the team that was his archrival since 2015. “Zaldivia wants to come and we want him to come. It is being discussed and some clauses of the contract must be refined. He is very close ”they say from the blue club.

A negotiation that obviously captured the attention of fans of both squads. Going from Colo Colo to Universidad de Chile is not something common and when it is done it generates many mixed opinions. An example of that was that Jaime Valdés and Jean Beausejour commented on the possible signing of the blues. Pajarito made it clear that he does not like the movementwhile the former left back supported the signing.

However, the statement that generated the most noise was Stephen Walls. “We should learn from other clubs to respect idols a little bit. There are ways and ways of saying things, not waiting for the last day or the last hour to give them an answer,” said one of the club’s greatest symbols, referring to the controversial departure of Zaldivia, who left through the back door of the club. Monumental, just like him.

Words that generated a lot of noise, above all, due to the high regard that the striker had for the defense. However, is Zaldivia a white idol, as Paredes suggests? Is it a “betrayal” that former Arsenal de Sarandí is going to the U? Third He spoke with historic albos to find out their feelings about what could undoubtedly be one of the season’s hires: Gabriel “Coca” Mendoza and Leonel Herrera Rojas.

Gabriel Mendoza is one of the most iconic players to win the Copa Libertadores in 1991, despite the fact that at that time he was one of the youngest on the team. That and having always expressed his attachment to the Macul club have him as an authorized voice to talk about the possible arrival of Zaldivia to the club that during the conversation he always mentions as the “archrival”.

It doesn’t seem bad to me that he is leaving, because despite having been there for several years, he was not a benchmark within Colo Colo either. It is different if he were Falcón, Lucero, Gil, Brayan Cortés or those who came from inferiors like Pizarro or Suazo. Zaldivia at the time of his was an important player within the team, but he was not one of the great references of the institution. Good for him, but it doesn’t cause me anything because for me he was never a reference during the time he was there. He was important, but he was not a reference”, begins by saying the one born in Sewell.

But it also goes further and even brings up an episode in which the center-back was facing the Colocolino team. “Regardless of the professional and what one has fixed or not fixed, it would never have occurred to me to sue the institution. So that also marks and you have to keep it in mind”, Mendoza points out.

The episode that the former full-back points to is the demand that the central office imposed on ByN for the breach of an image rights contract in August 2021. In that instance, Zaldivia ended up losing the judicial process.

Finally, he analyzed the white defensive present and how the departure of the Chilean-Argentine could impact the National Tournament. “He is a good player, who will do his archrival good if he ends up signing, but we worry about what Colo Colo is. I think that Colo Colo has very good central defenders, now with this renowned hiring of Ramiro González and with the youngsters that exist, we have that place well supplied. It does not affect us”, he finishes.

Leonel Herrera Rojas addresses the situation from various points. The defensive emblem of Colo Colo not only clarifies that Zaldivia is not a reference to speak of treason, but also points to the leadership for having rushed with the hiring of Ramiro González. He also clarifies that in the U, the now former Colombian defender could find an extra for his game.

I don’t see it as a betrayal, because Zaldivia within everything has not been a benchmark in Colo Colo. He fulfilled what any other player could have fulfilled as well, if we cannot say that he is an indisputable player and that he is going to be needed in Colo Colo. He goes to the U as one more player, but let’s not talk about references or that he was fundamental in the team’s lineup”, analyzed one of the pillars in the campaign of the albos in the 1973 Copa Libertadores.

In any case, Herrera admits that the defender could be a great contribution to the blue team in the 2023 season.The U in the second stage changed a lot, because it was organized defensively and it was a more solvent team. Zaldivia being there, I think with even greater reason. With the experience that he has and it is most likely that he will play chopped because they have thrown him out of Colo Colo. He is going to want to demonstrate everything that he perhaps did not demonstrate here. I have no doubt that in the U he will respond because he is not a bad player, that is clear to me”, he added.

Of course, he also takes time to demonstrate his doubts with the new white signing and lend clothes to a Zaldivia that was not renewed by the whites after the closure of the current tournament. “I am surprised that Colo Colo has already hired a central defender who did not arrive last year because he was injured. They shouldn’t have been in such a hurry to fire Zaldivia, because he is a watermelon, we already know how he plays. Maybe he’s not like Amor or Falcón, but at least he responds. Whenever he has supplied them he has responded, we do not know the other player. But he raises doubts that they hire him if he did not arrive last year due to injury. If he arrives with an injury it can become a problem”, Warns the historic white.

Lastly, give your opinion on the reception you could have among white fans if you finally decide to sign for the University of Chile. “At first they will reject him, because that always happens, but people will also understand that it is not his problem, but that he was kicked out of Colo Colo, so it is the coach’s fault”, he concludes.