Historic three-time championship: Aczino again wins the International Battle Final

Although it was seen coming from afar, due to a number of factors from his good streak to the home team, the crowning of Aczino as three-time champion of Red Bull Battleafter beating a Gazir of such an unappealable level that he even managed to get the Mexican public to recognize the caliber of his punchlinesIt was a spectacle worthy of being treasured in memory.

The Palacio de los Deportes, in Mexico City, was the setting where the historic event took place. Mau was already the only two-time champion in the records of the competition, after winning his second title last year in Viña, but now he has established himself in his own box in the books of the freestyle.

As the cornerstone that he is, Aczino was the protagonist of the International Final even when he was not on stage, with all the attention on him and a narrative that revolved around him. Mentioned in virtually every battle, the Michael Jordan of Spanish-speaking freestyle never ceased to be an all-powerful presence.

Mau at times seemed to have it too easy, although his level was immediately clear in the way he swept over rivals such as the Spanish Blon (who had the courage to choose him in the round of 16) or Spektro (the Uruguayan champion of very good commitment). . With the latter, Aczino had a very good chemistry, starring in an intergenerational duel with endearing moments, quite the opposite of what would happen later with gazir.

Historic three-time championship: Aczino once again wins the International Battle Final. Photo: Marcos Ferro

The small Iberian giant would be a tough nut to crack for the Mexican, who although he beat him directly in a duel marked by the story of the classic (Aczino) versus the new (Gazir), received enough blows to have justified a reply in different circumstances or with another jury. Gazir was the only Mau opponent who seemed truly willing to row against the course of history, and for that reason, he turned out to be the best possible option to face him and leave no doubt about his third victory in Battle of him.

The rest of the day, by the way, was full of golden moments. Valles T fell in the round of 16 against Spektro, but he did so after being the first to awaken the Palacio de los Deportes with a momentum that hopefully lasts until next year when the International lands in Colombia. Another compatriot of his, Carpediem, had Gazir between the ropes in a clash where the rules were literally broken because there were two aftershocks when there was only supposed to be one.

Great moments were also staged by the already veteran Wolf and the rising Mecha, the two Argentines forced to eliminate each other in the quarterfinals, with victory for Mecha, who would later become another victim of Aczino to later obtain third place, beating rapder. The 2020 champion was again the black beast of Skone just like in Inter that year. The Spaniard, who championed in 2016 and touched glory in two other finals, announced during the broadcast that this was his goodbye to Red Bull.

With cycles that open and others that close, this year’s Inter is already part of the history books, with Aczino transforming the game of freestyle Spanish-speaking in a race to match their marks. The only thing to forget: the fate of our representatives, both eliminated in the round of 16. As Seo2 elegantly tweeted, Theorem was “far from his peak”, very disconnected in his duel against Gazir, while joker he had a better performance, but he focused on putting on a show and couldn’t against Wolf’s substance. It will be for the next year the dream of seeing a freestyler Chilean with the world belt.

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