Historic Colo-Colo lowers Raimundo Rebolledo’s thumb and launches his candidate to be the right back

The negotiations for Matías Catalán are at a standstill and from Blanco y Negro they set their eyes on the soccer player from Universidad Católica to replace Óscar Opazo.

The transfer market is more alive than ever and since Colo-Colo wants to speed up the efforts to start closing the 2023 campus. One of the positions that Gustavo Quinteros must reinforce yes or yes is the one of the Right sidewhose emptiness you left Oscar Opazo has become a real headache for the dealership.

The one targeted by the coaching staff of Santa Fe is Matías Catalan, Chilean/Argentine soccer player from Talleres de Córdoba who has a verbal agreement with the monarch of national football. Nevertheless, negotiations are stalled and from the other side of the mountain range he does not want to let the 30-year-old player leave.

Given this, in the last hours from Al Aire Libre en Cooperativa they revealed that Colo-Colo activated plan B and it was revealed that Raimundo Rebolledo is in the Black and White folder. Catholic University footballer would not be considered by Ariel Holan and he does not look badly on adding minutes in another Chilean soccer club.

Historic Colo-Colo launches its option

Along this line, an extensive debate has taken place in the multiple sports panels in the national territory, however, there was a ex Cacique who knows the position well who launched his candidate. In conversation with Bolavip, the historic right back, Mario Galindohe gave his thumb to Rebolledo’s alternative and clarified that Jeyson Rojas must take ownership of the void left by Óscar Opazo.

“I think he already has his journey but I would give Jeyson Rojas the opportunity because he is confident and a confident goat can walk well, he is physical and has desire, Why bring someone who is not indisputable? I don’t think it’s worth it“, he pointed out.

In addition, the former national team and multi-champion with Colo-Colo made a call to attention to Gustavo Quinterossince according to your point of view It must give greater opportunities to the albo seedbed.

“He has to play for the goats, there is not a big difference between them and Rebolledo. Rojas is in projection and is from the club, even if he is a little wrong ”, he closed.