“He’s going through the ra… to Colo Colo”: Johnny Herrera blew up Lucero before his controversial and imminent departure

Juan Martín Lucero’s soap opera and his eventual departure from Colo Colo to Fortaleza continues adding chapters. During the last days, the striker warned the leaders that he will not continue in the club and that he will exercise a supposed exit clause that the Cacique is unaware of.

For the same reason, the cahuín became an obligatory topic on social networks and, obviously, on sports panels. In fact, the controversy was addressed this Wednesday in “TST Podcast”.

And in the middle of the talk, the one who took the floor to review the Argentine player without a filter was Johnny Herrera. Specifically, the “Samurai” released the brasca team from the blame and pointed directly at the “Cat”.

“I believe that Fortaleza is doing the management nothing more and it is within its rights. The one who is badly talked about is clearly Lucero, ”revealed the former goalkeeper and captain of the University of Chile.

“As a child they teach you to respect what you say and even more so what you sign. When an offer arrives, one has to take advantage of the regular channel, introduce yourself to your team and if you have an offer, you talk about it, try to negotiate. If it is so positive, you try to negotiate the form, but not go into rebellion and not show up for training, ”he added.

Johnny Herrera, no filter

For the same reason, Herrera did not save anything and gave Lucero everything. “In one way or another it is going through the ra… to Colo Colo, it is like that, we must not look for double readings. He is not an 18 or 20-year-old player who tells you ‘it is that my representative is advising me,’ ”he said.

“It happened to us once at the University of Chile, but the player was a 20-year-old soccer player, which in one way or another is more understandable, at that age you don’t know where you stand. But in the case of Lucero, a player over 30 years old who knows where the micro is going, he clearly cares very little what the people of Colo Colo think, ”he concluded.