“Here the spark of the Chilean …”: Priscilla Vargas faced a particular “obstacle” in National Holidays

Priscilla Vargas celebrated this Saturday, September 17, accompanied by her close circle and with a lamb on a stick.

Through her social networks, the Channel 13 host shared some records of her celebrations for these National Holidays and revealed the particular “obstacle” that complicated the barbecue but that they managed to overcome with “the spark of the Chilean”.

“We are celebrating the National Holidays with the corresponding cotillion, with the lamb on a stick, but we already have the first obstacle,” the communicator began by pointing out.

It was then that he revealed that the “motor died” of the grill where they had everything ready to rotate the meat automatically.

“Nothing is going to stop us from eating lamb, because we have a rotisserie,” Priscilla said, adding that they would turn the meat “old fashioned.”

After this, the communicator made a toast with her relatives and then showed how they overcame the first obstacle of these National Holidays. “It’s difficult, but let nothing stop you from celebrating your 18th”, commented Priscilla with a smile.

“Here the spark of the Chilean as the great Gary Medel said… Nothing that a screwdriver does not solve”, he wrote next to a video in which he showed how they finally turned the meat.

Check out the stories of Priscilla Vargas below:

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