“Hello, I’m Leo”: Messi thanks a chalas seller

To Lionel Messi He is not only noted for his undeniable and inexhaustible football conditions. The star of Argentina and PSG also usually receives profuse praise for his personality. Far from divisive and sometimes closer to shyness, the striker tries to maintain a normal lifestyle, although with the royalties typical of one of the best players in history. A The fleaAlso, gifts and tributes come from all sides. Thanks to one of them revolutionizes the world. It is about the one that he made to a seller of the flip flops that he wore at the family Christmas party and that he also showed in an image with the daughter of Maxi Rodríguez. They recreate the flag of Argentina and have a 10 in the center.

Hi Luciano, is everything okay? I am leo” begins the message that Messi He sent the entrepreneur, who had been inspired by the Argentine flag to design some husks that he intended to send to the campus. The gesture dates from December 2021, but it only became known now, adding one more element to the endless trans-Andean celebration for the World Cup that they raised again after beating France in the Qatar 2022 final. The phrase quickly became one of the most talked about topics on social media.

Messi’s thank you message.

I wanted to thank you for the flip flops you sent me. They are very good and the box, spectacular, too”, Messi writes to the seller, giving an account of his satisfaction with the gift.

In addition, the striker asks him an order. “I wanted to see if you could make some for my children and the rose from Paris for my wife“, query. And he notes the measurements. “The sizes are 33, 29 and 26. And Antonela, 35. And the ones that fit me well are the 42/43″, specifies. Finally, Messi excuses himself for not having answered earlier. “I just saw the messages you sent me,” he apologizes.

Today, the brand receives orders from all over. It is about Bagunza, a venture of a group of friends who have stores in Boedo and Tortugas Open Mall. They made a video to tell the story. “It all started in the middle of the pandemic, with the creation of flip flops in tribute to the captain of the Argentine National Team: the Mess10. While they were celebrating the Copa América, it occurred to the boys from Bagunza to send the flip flops to Messi. And one of the boys remembered that he knew the brother of a friend of (Rodrigo) De Paul’s aunt.”, they recount in the audiovisual record.

Messi, at the Christmas celebration with Luis Suárez and their wives.
Messi, at the Christmas celebration with Luis Suárez and their wives.

They made Messi and De Paul special models and boxes that excited the footballers, who asked for the shoes. It didn’t take long for them to reach the AFA property, in Ezeiza. Through third parties they found out about the gratitude of the players. After that, they were encouraged to write to Messi. December 6, 2021 became his happiest day. Today, the whole world knows about the gesture of La Pulga. And he once again highlights the human qualities of an athlete who, by virtue of his conditions, has the world at his feet.. And also a comfortable and original creation of a group of compatriots who wanted to pay tribute to him for the joys he has given them.