“He woke up and is with us again”: Karen Doggenweiler recounted the delicate state of health that her sister faces

In his debut at Nice to meet you (Mega), emotions have invaded Karen Doggenweiler after migrating from TVN, to the point that He broke down with a question asked by his new partner, José Antonio Neme.

Later, another powerful moment came when he received a video greeting from his sister Susana, who was bedridden in a clinic. “Pretty little sister, I congratulate you on this new project, I am very proud of you,” she told him. “You deserve the best, you deserve this team that will love you, will take care of you.”

Immediately afterwards, the ex-TVN proceeded to explain the medical situation that “Susi” faces.

“They removed his colon, he was in the ICU for many days, struggling to get ahead, with artificial respiration and mechanical ventilation”, after an intestinal hemorrhage. “She woke up, she is with us again, and that makes us happy.”

But, in addition, she reported that “her husband committed suicide”, therefore, “his life has been super hard.” That is, she “she is a woman of thousands of battles.”

Even so, she continues to persevere: “I’m so proud of her, that’s why I thank her for her words,” she said through tears.

The emotion

Then, as she calmed down, Neme proceeded to remember the moment when she found out about Karen’s arrival at the channel, and contacted her immediately: “That time you told me ‘my sister is very seriously ill and I have to take care of her. my nephews, it’s my first mission despite the fact that I’m changing jobs’”.

“There is one thing that you have: the most difficult situation you can turn into something bright,” he declared about his partner. “I think that’s what this country needs.”

“Everything came together,” she declared in relation to the change of channel and her sister’s situation.

Although at the time the cheerleader feared a fatal outcome, now everything seems to improve.