“He was someone very significant to me”: Kathy Salosny recalled her last meeting with Felipe Camiroaga

Some time ago Kathy Salosny announced the launch of her book Abuse is not a showwhere he recounted his life on television.

Among the many topics that he addresses in the text is his relationship with the late and beloved entertainer Felipe Camiroaga.

In this context, the radio announcer confessed in her memoirs how it was when she found out about the terrible accident of the Juan Fernández plane where the ex-face of TVN had been traveling.

As found TimeXthe cheerleader broke down and burst into tears after learning the news, since both maintained a great friendship.

And despite the ups and downs of their relationship and the distance, the former cheerleader of Buenos Días a Todos always considered that the communicator was unique and very talented.

“Felipe was someone very significant to me. His death, in the middle of our last separation, had me devastated, ”said Salosny.

The last meeting between Kathy Salosny and Felipe Camiroaga

Before Kathy Salosny died, she had a meeting with Felipe Camiroaga in a gym, after the strong fight they had.

However, the communicator approached her and took the first step to end the tension between them, and asked her about her mother and how she was.

As explained by Salosny, she felt as if nothing had hindered their friendship and he gave her a big hug.

After this conversation, the ex-face of TVN felt that their relationship was reborn again, but that shortly after the animator died and left their relationship unfinished.