“He was fired for incompetence” and “Don’t be a liar, mayor”: the harsh cross between Rodolfo Carter and a lawyer

A tense television moment starred the mayor of La Florida, Rodolfo Carter, who stopped the lawyer Gustavo Lorca dead in his tracks.

In the program Without filtersthe panelists debated about the situation in central Santiago which, in recent days, has given rise to talk due to intense operations that seek to eradicate street trade.

“Mayor, faced with this scenario, a hypothetical case: Rodolfo Carter has to take charge of the Santiago commune…”, the journalist and host of the television space, Gonzalo Feito, managed to raise when he was interrupted by the lawyer. “I hope not,” launched Lorca, unleashing the mayor’s annoyance.

Rodolfo Carter: We’d kick you out too. We would also fire you for incompetence.

Gustavo Lorca: Able to not pay social security contributions. Answer me the job that I entered.

Gonzalo Feito (to Lorca): Don’t go on the personal.

Gustavo Lorca: It is that he is going personal, he is saying something that does not correspond and that is not true. Don’t be a liar, mayor.

Rodolfo Carter: Gustavo, you were fired for being incompetent.

Gustavo Lorca: That is not true.

Rodolfo Carter: He was fired for ineptness.

Gustavo Lorca: In the next program I can bring the job.

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