“He says that you are wearing pajamas…”: Helhue Sukni stopped the magistrate after commenting on his wardrobe

Helhue Sukni once again shared a video on his Instagram account recounting some funny anecdotes from his day to day to his dear followers.

The new record that went up on the networks was titled “the video of the pajamas” and recounted a particular situation that he experienced with a magistrate in the middle of a hearing.

“The other day, even if you don’t believe it, I was wearing a shirt the same as being, like silk or satin, I don’t know, of course the shirt was not like that, it had some hue… here (…) and a magistrate arrives and he says ‘oh, the Helhue is wearing pajamas’”, he began counting.

“I had just left and one of my lawyers stayed. So my lawyer wrote me through the chat, ‘hey, the magistrate says that you are wearing your pajamas,’ ”she continued.

After this, Helhue assured that he did not let the comment they made against him pass. “Later, when the hearing came, I told him ‘magistrate, you know that I don’t wear pajamas, because look at the shirt it’s the same as the bra, because I always wear bras that fit the shirt,’” he recounted.

“He told me ‘oh, but it looks like a babydoll’, “not magistrate”, I told him,” Helhue finished about his story, to later show what outfit he was wearing in the video.

The lawyer also recounted the “betrayal” of one of her daughters who accompanied her to the doctor and betrayed her for continuing to smoke and drink alcohol.

Check Helhue’s video here: