“He risks uncovering a bigger pot”: Sergio Rojas’s blunt response to Gissella Gallardo’s lawsuit against him

This Tuesday it was revealed that Gissella Gallardo filed a lawsuit against Sergio Rojas for serious libel and slanderfor some controversial sayings that he made in the program I late prime.

The journalist assured in a chapter that Mauricio Pinilla’s ex scratched the ex-soccer player’s car with the word “put…”. Which was classified as “totally and absolutely false” in the legal action presented by Gallardo.

as revealed glamoramathe complaint was admitted by the Fourth Guarantee Court of Santiago and that both parties have a hearing on December 14 to try to reach an agreement before trial.

Sergio Rojas’s response

For his part, Sergio Rojas spoke with publimeter about the judicial action that the journalist filed against him, assuring that he has the support of his statements.

“In all the cases that I have said something, I have the necessary support, whether in documents, videos, testimonies or sources. That is why it seems to me that if someone denies me, they risk uncovering a bigger pot, because what happens if the person who gave me information or material is close to his family? “, the communicator pointed out to the aforementioned medium.

Along the same lines, he warned that if the case goes to court, Gissella would expose those close to him to having to testify.

“It is complex to bring these issues to Justice because I believe that the times are not for showcasing the courts, when we are invaded by crime and traffic,” he said.

Likewise, he added that “on the other hand, he exposes those close to him, because in this case among the possible ones summoned to testify are Mauricio Pinilla, Natthy Chilena, people from the program Have a good weekend and relatives of the Pinilla Gallardo.”

“So, before doing anything you have to think and not act foolishly and crazy to get publicity,” said Rojas.

Finally, with respect to the legal action filed against him, the former panelist from beats me He assured “when I am notified I will see the measures to follow, so far I have not been notified of anything. For now, I’m calm.”