He revealed why he changed from the “U” to Colo Colo: the boy opened up on screen and shocked the Mucho Gusto panel with an unexpected response

A hilarious moment occurred this Friday morning at Mucho Gusto, where they made an office from the bus terminal to see the activity in the place in the middle of the summer holidays.

And in that context, they met a child who made people talk with his unexpected answers. Just like that, because Thiago, who traveled to Santiago to play a soccer tournament over the weekend in Viña del Mar, gambled with a confession that left everyone on the Mega morning panel in one piece.

“Since when do you follow Colo Colo? Since you were born, I imagine… ”, the journalist Antonia Moller asked him after she recognized that she was the Cacique’s daughter.

“No, before he was from the ‘U'”, he said without mincing words, which caused everyone to take their heads with their sayings.

unexpected revelation

“But how, what happened here in the family? And until what age were you from the U?”, the communicator asked him incredulously. “Until four,” she clarified. “And what made you change your mind?” Antonia insisted.

“I lost a lot,” he confessed to the laughter of Rodrigo Sepúlveda and Karen Doggenweiler in the studio.

“It is that they earn more. And they won the Copa Libertadores ”, he argued why he decided to cross the path and become a white-hearted man.