“He reacted in a very bad way…”: Luis Sandoval recalled an old encounter with Felo

The journalist Luis Sandoval drew attention after recalling the particular episode he lived with Felo in 2010 after his “day of fury”.

Through a conversation with Síganme los Buenos, the former Me Late recalled the particular event that he experienced with the humorist when he interviewed him after appearing at a festival in San Felipe where he was filled with blunders.

“What goofs! It was a small group! Get out of here, shit…! ”, Felo expressed with annoyance after the boos of the public, while trying to hit the communicator minutes later as a result of his annoyance at the consultation, later getting off the Viña Festival.

Several years later, Luis Sandoval recalled the event revealing if they had any kind of reconciliation about it.

“I tried and he never accepted the apology,” the journalist confessed in conversation with Julio César Rodríguez, stating that he later retracted that decision since he had not been to blame. “He was the one who wanted to attack me, he had the outburst. I did my job as a journalist to ask him no more. Why do I have to apologize to him if I didn’t put my foot in it?” He reflected on the subject.

“He reacted in a very bad way and to this day he is remembered,” Sandoval said, assuring that on several occasions they tried to reunite them but it did not materialize.

“There has never been the opportunity to be in front of him… some programs have tried to get us together and he has never accepted,” he revealed, stating that “that episode was quite shocking” for him, while JC Rodríguez joked that he became famous there.

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