“He never lacked anything, except his father…”: Mauricio Israel lost patience and sent an unfiltered message to his ex-partner for his daughter

Mauricio Israel starred in a tense moment on Tuesday in the program Follow me and I tell you, on TV+, where he argued strongly with Savka Pollak over an issue related to the payment of alimony.

In the middle of the debate, the cheerleader threw a stick at her without a filter: “a man who abandoned his daughter cannot have much of an opinion on this subject.” Even the communicator at the time lost patience and decided to leave the study.

However, he later returned and referred to the live discussion he had with Pollak. Of course, she also took advantage of the instance to send a message to her ex-partner, whom she accused of letting her see her daughter.

“It is true that I abandoned her from an emotional point of view. She visited me in Israel and every time I come to Chile and this year I haven’t been able to see her, “she said before revealing that” I can’t see my daughter.

Of course, he warned that the reasons “I don’t want to air them. Things that happen in the family stay there. Let’s leave it that way”.

“I have never stopped paying my daughter’s alimony and I say this looking straight at the camera, she has never lacked anything, except having her father and I would like nothing more if she were with me. Here themes are installed and I have always been exposed to being judged for ‘caricatures’”, clarified the driver of Círculo Central.

In addition, regarding the crossing with Savka Pollak, it was due to the link of the communicator with her ex-partner. “Evidently she is a friend. The issue is that she settles something and although she is not a friend or acquaintance, because my daughter’s mother came out many times to say that I did not pay a pension, she even sued my parents, ”she revealed in the show space. .