He left in Colo Colo and today he is the youngest DT in Chilean football: “I want to go far”

Like many children, Matías Garrido came to Colo Colo when he was 10 years old. In the Monumental he remained until the Sub 17 category, when he left for Barnechea. During his growth, the young man went through different processes of the youth Red: he was directed by Mariano Puyol, Hernán Caputto and Héctor Robles, among other technicians. However, when he turned 19, he took a little turn in his life. “I started studying at the INAF,” says Garrido, who currently directs Deportes Rengo in the Third Division. He is the youngest DT (24) in Chile.

“I had the opportunity to be directed by great coaches and that marked me as an athlete and a person. In addition to the National Team technicians, I had to share with Miguel Riffo, Héctor Tapia, Jorge Contreras and several others who gave me tools. I learned from them and they gave me certain guidelines that led me to make the decision”, says Garrido in dialogue with AS.

– Did you think about continuing as a footballer for a couple more years?

– When I was studying, I began to like the degree a lot. It was three intensive years. I took importance to learn the concepts that are needed and I chose to start my career. I didn’t see myself in another situation that wasn’t on a soccer field, so I started with some soccer schools. Today I have in four sectors of Santiago.

– Was it difficult for you to enter a club?

– Last year I was Luis Pérez Franco’s technical assistant at Trasandino. We did a tremendous job and achieved promotion to the Second Division. At that time I thought I had the skills to lead alone and I formed my coaching staff. I tried to continue nurturing myself as a coach and everything happened very quickly.

– How did the possibility of directing Rengo come about?

– Very fast. I was constantly watching games, analyzing the squads… and I was at it, when the club directors called me. They made a tremendous impression. I saw myself as someone older and over time they realized that I was young and that I had every desire to work. They trusted what I could do, because we had to get the team out of the relegation zone.

– They came back with seven games without losing and qualified for the league…

– That’s right, everything was very fast. We went from being in last place to positioning him in second place. It was gratifying and a merit of the entire campus. Now I am taking advantage of the opportunity and I am providing the best tools so that the players can develop and the institution continues to grow. I would like to go far and for this to be my livelihood for the future, but I am down to earth, analyzing the good, the bad and what we can do better.

– Have you had to manage older players?

– Yes, older or some with whom I shared in Colo Colo, but nobody called me on a first name basis. When I started at INAF, one assumes that at any moment the opportunity to direct older or younger players can come, so it’s not an issue. I have clear my convictions and where I want to aim. I consider myself a DT close to the players and that is what I make the squad understand. I am a human being, just like them, and there must be respect. I have never had a problem and I am very calm.

– What do you aspire to?

– I would like to direct the National Team or abroad, but you have to be measured and humble because in this race there are more defeats than triumphs. You have to go through stages, step by step, responsibly and with joy.


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