“He killed a man”: Michelle Carvalho confirmed the break in their relationship and accused the family of her expololo of inventing rumors against her

Michelle Carvalho often exposes her daily moments on social networks. On this occasion, the model announced the end of their relationship.

The Brazilian used her Instagram account to tell her followers the reasons for her love break.

Through the dynamics of questions and answers, the former participant of “Amor a Test” revealed that she was single and “in the process of healing.”

The former “Mundos Opposites” also performed a live where she told in detail the end of her romance with her expololo, where she indicated that third parties influenced her to end her boyfriend.

According to the Brazilian, her ex-partner Ricardo Dalli had received a message from her aunt, telling her to be careful with Carvalho.

“There were 20 days left before we returned to Chile and she was implanting the mistrust bug. I told him call and ask because now the issue is with me. There she calls and there the aunt says ‘I was talking to a neighbor and she said that Michelle killed a man. She murdered a man and we were like what? From the family such that it belongs to an ex that I had a couple of years ago, who was a Chilean boyfriend that I had about three years and the relationship was not made public, “she said.

“She said ‘yeah, she killed that family man and stole his entire fortune.’ We knew who she was talking about and obviously that man is alive. (…) He told her ‘aunt, you are very cahuinera, because you don’t know. First, Michelle did not kill anyone, second, that man is alive, and third, they are friends,'” explained the famous.

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