“He is a mythomaniac, unfaithful and scammer …”: Daniela Castro did not keep anything and swept away with ex-partner after break

Although she rarely speaks and gives details of her private life, in recent days Daniela Castro has vented and referred to the end of her relationship with Max Rivera.

Everything arose after an uncomfortable question that was asked through social networks. “Are you no longer flirting with Martín Cárcamo’s cousin?” A follower recently consulted him, without mincing words.

“I finished many months ago, before my birthday. It was in March of this year”, replied the current participant of El Discípulo del Chef.

However, the issue did not stop there. In fact, now some unfiltered comments appeared that the winner of the first season of MasterChef against her former partner.

The situation was exposed by the account of infama.clwhich exposed some messages that Dani wrote on the Instagram of the animal foundation El poder de la manada.

In said profile, the photo of Charlie was published, a puppy that Castro and Rivera sponsored when they were a couple, but now he would have returned to the shelter.

“My ex was going to take care of him, but he is a mythomaniac,” the writer launched. “I have not forgotten. I also do not forget that Max has to pay me half of the debt ”, she unloaded with everything.

And along the same lines, he added: “one for helping leaves shorn and unfortunately people take advantage.” After cardboard, from the foundation they clarified that the message was not for them and that they had no problems in this regard, but Daniela could not stand it and attacked Max again.

“Nothing good, he is a mythomaniac, unfaithful and a swindler,” he finished it off.

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