“He had a myocardial attack”: they declassify the panelist’s tantrum of Follow me and I follow you days after its premiere

This Sunday night, Sergio Rojas along with Paula Escobar and Luis Sandoval broadcast a new chapter of Que te lo digo, where they told several “chips” from national television.

One of the cahuines revealed by the former panelist of I beat It was the furious tantrum that one of the members of the new TV+ program made, Follow me and I follow you.

According to Rojas, the controversial subject of national entertainment that was going to be discussed in space was not to his liking.

“Another who threw a tantrum this week would have been nothing more and nothing less than Nataly Chilet in the new TV + program,” Rojas revealed at the outset.

“He had a seizure…”

“On Friday they send the guideline of the program and within the items that were going to speak was the theme of Natthy Chilena (…) who says she has videos where she would appear with Jorge Valdivia”, explained the journalist.

Along the same lines, he added that “it turns out that Nataly Chilet had a heart attack.” Rojas commented that the panelist did not want to talk about the escort and the former soccer player for any reason.

For his part, Sandoval commented that “it’s still understandable, if they tell Nataly Chilet, ‘hey, we’re going to talk about international entertainment’ (…) it’s going to be E! Entertainment Television of Chile and then they go out with the Chilean Natthy, it’s just to get angry “.

Escobar commented, in favor of Chilet, he pointed out that they had probably told him that the program was going to be about entertainment “and they put the most brigid theme of show business on it.”

Not only did Chilet not like the situation, but for the same reason he decided not to join the panel in the chapter. “As a result of seeing this guideline, he refused… it seemed to me that it is a bit discriminatory that you refuse to talk about someone, finally, you are part of the panel as well,” assured Rojas.

“It seems to me that Nataly Chilet, that due to a tantrum because she does not agree with the guideline, does not go to the program, it seems super unprofessional to me,” the communicator sentenced.

Check out the complete Que te lo di lo program below: