He got upset! Claudio Borghi went with everything against Johnny Herrera after ugly reference to Colo-Colo

Both former players participated in a heated debate in which the fanaticism of the fans and how bad some actions do to football were discussed.

The game of Matías Zaldivia at the University of Chile. For the same, Maximilian Falcon was consulted about this action by his former partner in Colo-Colonoting that for his values ​​he would not. However, he commented that it can be understood in case he goes through a bad time in the family and economic sphere.

In this sense, during the transmission of the program We are all Technicians of TNT Sports, took advantage of commenting on these statements. That is why the fanaticism for colors took over the debate in the studio, having as main protagonists Claudio Borghi Y Johnny Herrera.

The first sentence of the former U goalkeeper had to do with his offspring. “There are things that move your passion, that mark your life, that forge you as a person and I consider myself one of them, we are like that; My son and I. He doesn’t catch anything, but he is very passionate about his things“, he pointed.

Because of this, the world champion with the Argentine team questioned the panelist with the following question: “Why is your son a fan of the U?“. On this, the former national team responded that it is “my inheritance, logical. You ask my son about Colo-Colo and he tells you dog poop and leaves“.

Claudio Borghi did not like Johnny Herrera’s words against the team he led.

The phrase did not like Claudio Borghi

However, this last sentence did not like Claudio Borghi at all, who indicated that this type of teaching is bad for the world of football. “But someone taught him that. Those fanaticisms make people wrong. Being a fan is barbaric, extraordinary, the problem is teaching that the one on the side does not exist, it is bad, that generates tremendous hatred, ”he indicated.

Along the same lines, the former Colo-Colo coach continued with his defenses. “I cannot understand that when you go to the field you have to be afraid. I had the nerve to go to a World Cup and there was freedom… walking, people wearing T-shirts, Colombians, Argentines, etc. I was saying if the English get together with the Argentines, the broom will remain and not only did it not remain, but later they gave us a lesson on how to receive a world champion. When we show this hatred for the clubs it is tremendous“, he emphasized.

For his part, and before ending the heated debate, Johnny Herrera defended himself by pointing out that the fanaticism he instills in his offspring is to teach him a lesson. “For my part there is no hate, I foster passion in my son because things become much better when they become passionate“, finished the former goalkeeper.