“He ends his career with an interview while Messi wins the World Cup”: Premier legend destroys Cristiano Ronaldo for signing in Arabia

It is, for many, a kind of revenge. He had it in for a while, when Cristiano Ronaldo ignored it and preferred to ignore it before a Manchester United match. CR7 continued with blood in his eye due to the criticisms that Jamie Carragher had made about his figure until then. And now, the former Liverpool player finally responded.

Carragher took advantage of the signing of the Portuguese forward by Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nassr to touch his ear with a comment in which he even compared him to Lionel Messi:

“It’s a sad ending for him, isn’t it? Ronaldo ends his career with an interview with Piers Morgan (English journalist) while Messi wins the World Cup ”, he launched.

Later, although he qualified by acknowledging that the offer was difficult to reject, the former defender of the English team continued to give his opinion on the Bug’s case:

“I feel that Cristiano wanted to stay at least until the end of the season in one of the great teams in Europe and score more goals. Probably in a Champions team. He tells me that the offer was out of this world”.

To close, he referred to the last days of the Portuguese star, who was practicing at the Real Madrid facilities: “Maybe the club he wanted didn’t look for him and this was his choice,” he said.

And he concluded: “There is a factor, which is sadness, because we probably already saw the end at a high level. I think we could have continued to see it at the old Trafford if the parties had dealt with things the right way. Otherwise. It was unavoidable.”