“He didn’t leave…”: Follow me and I follow you panelists should have clarified the departure of Nataly Chilet after a viewer’s comment

An uncomfortable moment was lived live in the recent chapter of Follow me and I follow you for the comment made by a viewer about Nataly Chilet who contacted the program by phone.

Some days ago, Chilet’s departure from the TV+ show space was confirmedcurrently conducting his own program on the channel called The secrets of….

Following rumors of his resignation due to conflicts with his former colleagues, in particular Mauricio Israel, The journalist assured that everything had gone well with the panelists.

In the new chapter of the program, the panelists received a call from a woman, who launched an unfiltered comment about Chilet’s departure, according to look what he did.

“He didn’t go…”

“I want to congratulate you, I love them, I had a great time, I’m happy that Chilet has left… I don’t know what it’s called,” said the viewer, identified as Verónica.

The panelists reacted with surprise and a little discomfort to the comment, and they mentioned to the woman that the journalist had not left, but was now part of another program on the channel.

“He didn’t leave, he didn’t leave… he’s in another project,” explained Andrés Baile.

For his part, the conductor Francisco Kaminski commented that the expanelista was on TV+ screens before Follow me and I follow you. “You can see her before us in The secrets of…He didn’t leave, he went to another program,” he said.

After this, the panelists changed the subject and asked him about what they had been discussing in the study.