He did it again! Stefan Kramer shows off with hilarious imitation of Daddy Yankee

During the last days, the name of Daddy Yankee has sounded strongly in the public arena. Initially, the big news was the three shows he is giving at the National Stadium, as part of his tour before retiring from the stage.

However, after the first show he gave on Tuesday, the covers were stolen by the chaotic entrance to the Ñuñoa venue; in fact, about four thousand people sneaked having no input. During the second day, 18 people were arrested already with reinforced security measures.

Now comes the third and last day of the raguetonero on Chilean soil and, along with this show, Stefan Kramer premiered a new video imitating, this time, the Puerto Rican artist himself.

The last video that he had uploaded to his social networks, during July, was an imitation of President Gabriel Boric and the former Minister of the Interior, Izkia Siches. Before, for the previous Telethon, she brought out the impersonations of Ben Brereton and Mauricio Isla; and a week before, that of Jorge Zabaleta.

In early 2018, the impersonator was on the show Don Francisco invites (Telemundo) parodying the icon of songs like “La Gasoline”, “Pose” and “Llamado deemergencia”.

Check here the new imitation