Gustavo Quinteros: “The youth who want to leave have the doors open and those who want to stay to fight for a position, too”

It has been an intense week for Gustavo Quinteros (Santa Fe, February 15, 1965). After the elimination in Copa Chile against Ñublense, the DT had to travel with his family to Portugal to do the residency procedures in that country that began in 2020, an appointment, which he explained on Friday, was postponed due to the pandemic. Beyond that, the sudden move to Europe aroused some suspicions. However, the Colo Colo coach does not want to deviate from the goal that he set for himself when he arrived at the Monumental.

Were you surprised by the stir caused by the topic of your trip?

It doesn’t surprise me because there is a lot of talk about Colo Colo, and 70 or 80 percent of what is said is not true. You don’t have to give it much importance.

It will be two years since that car trip that brought him to Chile. After everything you’ve experienced, how do you remember that stage?

The truth is that I am very happy and very satisfied. We are on a good path, according to what I thought at the time. When he came to Chile, he thought about the possibility of winning a national championship with Colo Colo. We knew that the first part was going to be totally different; that we came to win a championship never played before, which was to save the team from relegation. And we got it. Now we are on a very good track for the title. There is still a long way to go, but I am very happy and motivated to be close to achieving the goal.

Do you think that the title would be a corollary of your cycle in Colo Colo?

It is to fulfill the other main objective. When I came the goal was to maintain the category and then fight for the national title. We have fulfilled one part and now we are looking for the other. There are eight games left and we are on a good path.

Is Colo Colo where you have been happiest directing?

The truth is that I am very happy. I have been very happy in many clubs. I am blessed to have won several titles and wherever I have been I have been very happy; in most… In 95 percent of the places where I was I was very happy, but in Colo Colo, being such a big and popular team, everything is magnified much more. Likewise, the love that people have for me and the love that I have for this club is very great. Here is one of the places where I was happiest.

Do you see yourself directing Colo Colo next season?

I imagine achieving the goal of being a champion and then meeting with the club’s board of directors and agreeing on the objectives; that they be the same objectives of the institution and the same professional objectives of my coaching staff, in every sense. So hopefully we can achieve the goal: get together and agree on the next sporting goal. That is the most important.

Daniel Morón said that the relationship with you was like a marriage.

With Daniel I have a very good relationship, we generally think alike. Hopefully the whole club, the institution, directors, players, staff and fans can line up to achieve this goal, for which there is still a long way to go, and that next year we can all come to an agreement to go in search of another sporting goal such as ever more important.

Morón himself commented a few days ago that the issue of renewals was not going to be dealt with yet so as not to lose focus for the players. Do you think it is harmful for them to be in the uncertainty of not knowing if they are going to renew?

The issue of renewals is complicated, because there are several players who reached this stage and their contract expires, and the club is talking to some or most of them. Perhaps, the ideal thing would have been to have solved the contracts that were ending the previous year. The institution is an issue handled by the directors and the football issue is handled by us on a day-to-day basis. I believe that there are players who can be affected by being concerned about not knowing what is going to happen. Hopefully in these next few days they can renew all the players who need to renew or at least start talking and solve that issue so that everyone is calm.

There is also the case of Gabriel Suazo, who is waiting for an offer from Europe to leave. How do you get that option?

I don’t think Gabriel wants to leave now, because he is the team captain. There are eight games left to finish the tournament and there are a few points ahead to achieve the main objective, which is what we set ourselves when I arrived and especially at the beginning of this season. I have no doubt that he will play for any team in Europe or America, but he will surely want to leave with the illusion of having achieved an important goal. We are close, we are on a very good path and I suppose that Gabriel will choose to end the contract and be able to fight for the championship until the end and, if it is achieved, go through the big door.

What is your opinion about the training of young players, who find it hard to earn opportunities?

I believe that Colo Colo is the team that played the most youth in the season and in the Copa Libertadores several also played. Colo Colo sold a youth player like Solari for millions of dollars and has another player, Pizarro, who could be sold at any time. In this issue the club is finishing training several youth who are from the quarry.

I ask him about the situations of Joan Cruz or Luciano Arriagada who had options at the beginning, but later they disappeared.

It is because there are other youth who are at a better level. That’s why.

What do you think of Arriagada’s departure, which also caused a stir?

Youth players have the option of trying their luck at another club. There are youth who stay and fight for a place, as Pizarro did and today it is a reality; he plays almost always. Another youth who stayed, did very well and was sold was Solari; Oroz came back from a loan and had a lot of participation as well… Bruno Gutiérrez, Jeyson Rojas… Several youths who are risking the possibility of playing in Colo Colo and they are doing very well… The youths who want to leave have their doors open and the who want to stay to fight for a place in the club, too. We know that playing in Colo Colo costs more than in other teams, but Colo Colo gives you many options and is a much bigger showcase than any other team.

How much has Solari’s departure affected the team’s performance?

Solari was one of the best players we had since 2020. He is a boy who grew a lot, very important to the team and that is why they sold him for the million dollars they sold him for. He is a very important player, very unbalanced, that when he was plugged in he was very important for the team; He made us win many attacking options, many games… When Solari left, we lost a very important offensive weapon and we are trying to replace him in the best way so that the team can once again have that imbalance that it had with him in the field.

What do you like most about the campus?

We have a very committed team, with players who know what they have to do on the pitch. In all the matches at the local level, Colo Colo makes a difference, he always dominates and surpasses his rivals in football since the proposal, and I like that and it leaves me very satisfied. Beyond the results, the team plays the way I want. Now we have to try to find the best option to replace Solari, try to keep playing and improving. I am very satisfied with the attitude, commitment and play of the team that makes a difference. We are the team with the most games won, the one that lost the fewest, the one with the best goal difference; we took advantage despite playing eight international matches and the changes we made.

What have you learned during your time at the club?

One as a professional has things to learn. In football you learn every day, from every game, the strategies… The idea of ​​the game leaves me very satisfied; be protagonists, go in search of the result, play in a rival field and try to overwhelm the rivals in football.

Do you regret anything in these two years?

No, I would have done the same. Maybe in some situations we couldn’t incorporate the players we were looking for for different reasons, like this season when the transfer book was opened and we couldn’t incorporate one per line, as we had arranged. It was not possible, but well, that is something that sometimes does not depend on me, but I would do everything the same as I have done since I arrived.

How do you deal with defeats internally? Are you one of those who get too angry?

No, I analyze the match. I don’t remember any game in the National Championship where we have lost being inferior in football, because when that happens I get angry and very disappointed. This season has not been the case, there has not been a team that has beaten us footballingly. The final results don’t make me feel bad, except if the rival beats us in football.

What does he do in his free time?

Whenever I can, and if it’s not too cold, I go out by bike, because it is the only sport that is allowing me to do a knee in which I have a lifelong injury, which leaves me only riding a bicycle. It’s the hobby I have and the only way to exercise. Then I like to share a lot with my family and friends. I’m going out to the movies, eating out, and I’m also watching football as much as I can, especially English football. I also watch the National Championship and the Copa Libertadores. I enjoy it a lot…

With regard to the Copa Libertadores, this year Colo Colo left a strange sensation at the international level, in which he showed two faces. How is this difference explained?

Of the eight games, Colo Colo played five at a high level, leaving a very good football image, and then we had two or three games with injured or injured players who lowered their performance in different positions, which greatly affected our results. When we had all the players 100%, it was shown that this team is very competitive.

Do you think Chilean soccer is as bad as it looks?

No, because we with Colo Colo, when we started playing with the full squad, we played as equals against River, Fortaleza and Alianza Lima, but then maybe the number of players or the budget that other teams have that allows them adding more players makes them end up taking advantage in some situations, but I think that with the squad we had, and adding one more player per line, we would have had great campaigns in international cups.

What dream do you have left to fulfill as a coach?

The dream that remains for me to fulfill is the one I set for myself almost two years ago: to become champion with Colo Colo. Become champion in the National Tournament, because we won the Chile Cup, the Super Cup and the title of not being relegated, which was very important for me… But now I would have to fulfill this dream of becoming champion with Colo Colo, because it would be giving him back in some way to all the people who trusted me, and I would be very happy.

And then what comes?

Fulfilling that dream of being champion can lead me to seek other important goals. Today, I am only focused on this championship and being able to become champion with Colo Colo. It’s what I dream of and it’s what I try to accomplish.

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