Gustavo Quinteros regretted the departure of Opazo and Suazo: Replacing them will not be easy

Gustavo Quinteros, coach of Colo Colo, regretted the possible departure of Óscar Opazo to play for Racing Club de Argentina and captain Gabriel Suazo. Given this, he sent a powerful message to the leadership with a view to building the campus for 2023

It’s a shame, because we took it very seriously. What’s more, he was one of the priorities knowing that Suazo was free and he was the most important player for him to stay. The two full-backs who ended up playing very well as starters are leaving us and now we have to replace them with two players of the same level or better and it won’t be easy, because getting national players of that level is complicated,” he told We are all TNT Sports Technicians.

So we’re there talking to Morón all the time, we have a couple of players on file there, Morón is making arrangements. Hopefully we can bring them in to be able to replace them in the best way for the two who left,” he added.

Regarding the conformation of the team, he indicated that “We had thought and I made it very clear to Daniel (Morón) and he knows it, that we had to add one more player per line to be very competitive in the three championshipsbut unfortunately players left that must be replaced and try to add two players per line to have more variants”.

Along these lines, he warned that “people are going to demand of us, I told the directors all the time that we have to try to reinforce this team that we have and if some leave try to reinforce them in the best waybut add the players that we are going to add to the squad to be able to fight the three tournaments in the best way”.

Finally, with regard to the objectives for next year, he assured that the priority is given to the “local tournament, of course, but try to go one step further in the international cup. That is clear, hopefully we can replace the players who leave and add a player per line to have that competitive team that we all want, the fans more than anything.”