Gustavo Quinteros is clear about his conditions to continue in the Cacique

Gustavo Quinteros is one of the names of the moment both in Chile and in Argentina. the coach of colo colo is one of the main candidates to arrive at Independiente de Avellanedafor the good campaigns he has carried out with the Cacique that have him on the verge of celebrating a new title in Chilean soccer.

The coach attended the press this Friday during the conference at the Monumental Stadium prior to the match with Coquimbo Unido this Sunday, in which one of the main topics was to talk about his future and what may arise first with the negotiations at the end of the season, where he has made it known that the white team has priority.

“I am in a big institution, a very important team in America. A beautiful country and city, I am happy and comfortable. The difference is made by sports projects. We all want to go one step further in every way. We will analyze everything, I am very happy here. When we got here everything was very different and today it is very good”.

Along the same lines, the coach considered that “I am happy, waiting for the season to end and the meetings that must be held with the leadership to make decisions. Hopefully we agree on the sports project and in that sense continue towards the third season or analyze options if there are any. We’ll see that later, today I’m only thinking about Sunday’s game, which can give me enormous joy as a coach and the players”.

But that was not all, as a result of taking the time to talk about what it has to do with the sports project that he hopes will materialize, thinking about the challenges that the Cacique will have in the next season.

“It takes a long time to explain the topic of the sports project. When we arrived at the club, I knew that we had a few months to meet a goal with a certain squad and I knew that squad was going to change. I already knew and accepted it. Many players left, we were in a process. The club proposed a 60-40 ratio and we fulfilled that percentage to the letter in the calls, where half of the players were youth players and came from the quarry. We have grown as an institution and as a team”.

That was how the coach also considered that “Today Colo Colo is about to be champion, so we have completed a project in which we have agreed. Now that the season is over, we have to do the same, sit down and see the project of the club and of us as a coaching staff and make the decisions”.

However, the new participation that the white team will have in the Libertadores Cup of next year, is one of the most important challenges that the coaching staff will have and where, without a doubt, they will seek to improve what has been done during this year.

Participating in Copa Libertadores may be that you get an easier key and go further and it does not mean that you are more successful. Sometimes you get more difficult teams, but hey. We arrived two years ago for an objective that was very important. Difficult, important and it was achieved. We won the Chile Cup, the Super Cup and we are close to winning the National Championship”.

In addition, he added that “After that, what is left? Go for something else. I am like that, sportingly we have to aim for something else and go for that goal together. I’m not saying to be champion of something else, but to grow sportingly like this club, which is very important. To be better, stronger in the cup, there are a lot of goals that one can set with the leadership”.

On this point, the coach elaborated, pointing out that “Just as we accepted the project and fulfilled it when we arrived, there is still a long way to go, but hopefully it can happen. We want to continue fulfilling sporting achievements, we are all ambitious and things can be done better”.

It is not the first time that the coach gives priority to Colo Colo to negotiate with his representatives for continuity, more so now with the rumors that have arisen with a possible arrival at Independiente de Avellaneda.

If the objective is achieved, my contract is valid. Colo Colo will always be the priority, because I come from a process. Where are we going, we have to go together. When I arrived, I had clear objectives and they have been achieved. We have completed a wonderful cycle, a lot of players have been valued, we met the 60-40, so today, if we continue together, it has to be with a mutually agreed project”.

Finally, regarding this last point, the strategist announced that “There were a lot of interests, they have communicated with those close to me. I have always said the same thing, the national teams needed a manager in the middle of the year and I said no because I need to finish with Colo Colo and meet the goal and then we will sit down. I thank all the clubs, it motivates me because they value the work that can culminate in a national title”.