Gustavo Quinteros gives Colo Colo’s reinforcements a task and details what he expects from Costa’s replacement

The pass market has not been free of complications and the black and white leadership still has not managed to tie the arrival of new reinforcements, so everything seems to indicate that Colo Colo will not have a full squad at the start of the season preseason which starts on January 2 in Argentina.

During this morning, Gustavo Quinteros spoke with the media upon his arrival in our country, where he referred to the hiring of new hires, the situation of Leandro Benegas and spoke of what he expects from the replacement of Gabriel Costa who will use the foreign quota.

Gustavo Quinteros and the reinforcements

In the first instance, the DT recognized that “I could never detach myself on my vacations. I spent two or three hours every day watching playersTrying to analyze footballers that were offered to the club, others to replace those who left, something that will be difficult, and also to try to reinforce ourselves to have the most competitive team possible in the Copa Libertadores. We are making progress, the market is not easy for us, there are not so many free players on these datesthere are more in the middle of the year, that’s why the hiring thing gets a little more difficult”.

Later, he addressed the interest in the current Independiente de Avellaneda striker and stated that “there are players like Benegas and others that we have there, we are interested in having them come, but we have to wait until December 31. He is not free today, you have to negotiate, see the contractThere are many things that make it difficult to recruit, we work all the time, even on vacation, We are looking for players who put on the shirt and are important”.

Along the same line, he indicated that “In the end, coaches always try to find the best for the club, but there is a budget, a policy that they manage and we have to look for someone to come on loan for a year like Amor, Gil, Falcón, Solari, Lucero did, who came to play for a year, they did well and the club bought them ”.

We have to look for players who come in that way, do not exceed the club’s budget. and help build a competitive team. I believe that in the local tournament we are going to fight up front with the team we havewith the possibility of classifying again in cups, but the idea was to try to find players to improve the teamhave more variants”, he added.

What you expect from the foreign end

Asked about what he expects from the foreign winger, the strategist said that “I hope he is a player with experience in cups, who has been in big teams, who can come and put on the shirt immediately. Because playing in Colo Colo is not like playing in any other club. We already have many projection players. It has to be someone on Costa’s level or better than him.and that search will not be easy.”

Finally, Quinteros stated that “the idea was always to add one player per line and replace those who leave. Thus we will have a team that can fight on all fronts at the same time. There aren’t as many players as Suazo, for me he was the best Chilean player in the league. Unfortunately he went free, we have to look for a player who can fulfill his certain characteristics ”.